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Where can I buy a quality electric towel radiator with affordable price?

At towel radiatore store you are exactly at the right place to find a electric towel radiator. We offer a wide selection of different models, sizes, colors and designs.

Why should you decide to use an electric towel radiator?

There are several reasons why. There is currently an increasingly growing demand for electric bathroom towel radiators. You have the choice to decide how and when to use it and what time of year.

A few years ago we used to sell electric towel radiators with internal wiring, but it has unfortunately proven over time that there would be a few drawbacks. Therefore, we have taken off from our range. There was only one year warranty on these electric towel radiators and if they were broken, you could no longer use or repair it, which means more cost and you would need a new radiator. In addition, the range of sizes and designs were very limited, we had only 8 to choose from.
We now offer a great selection of water based electric bathroom towel rails. The advantage of this approach is that if the electric heating element should fail, you just have to replace the heating element not the towel radiator.

Now we offer a very large amount of different sizes and designs. You can use with a heating element any of our bathroom towel radiators from one of our these categories: Chrome curved, chrome flat, white flat, white curved, center connection, stainlees steel and of course our great designer towel radiators.

Which electric towel radiator is suitable for me?

We would like to point out some factors before choosing a electric bathroom towel radiator.
Firstly, what will be the main purpose for your electric bathroom towel radiator(s)? Secondly, you should think about the look, design, size and features.

If you chose to use your radiator as a main heating purpose, then you have to consider that you will need average of 100 watts of heat output in order to heat up per square meter. You will also need to buy a suitable heating element. Most of available heating elements on the market, only heat the water up to 65 degrees Celsius. This may not be enough to provide the full potential of the heat output of the radiator.

For that reason, if your intention is to use the radiator as main heating element, make sure that you have a higher heat output bathroom towel radiator with a suitable electric heating element.
However, if you only wish to use your electric towel radiator to dry your towels or clothes, you then choose a smaller towel radiator with a matching watt electric heater to the radiator.

What is the right electric heating element for me?

You can use almost all our radiators with heating elements, with an exception of "Classic Towel Radiators" and our "Designer radiators. In every product description of towel rails and electric heating elements, you can easily find the specifications, features and heat outputs.

Standard & Thermostatic & Digital electric heating elements

We have a wide range of heating elements, here now you have the choice to choose between three different electrical heating elements.

There is the standard heating element (250W, 300W, 400W, 600W, 800W, 1000W) They have an automatic temperature limit, it turns off the heater when the temperature of the electric heating element (+ / -5) reached 65 degrees.

The thermostatic heating elements (300W, 600W, 1000W) have 5 different temperature setting ranging from 30-60 degrees Celsius, it shows the current and adjusted temperature and they have an on / off button.

The digital heating elements (300W, 600W, 800W) have multi-setting temperatures in the range of 30-60 degrees Celsius, LCD display with the actual time (clock) and temperature, they have advanced timer functions with dual time and high quality and a modern design and a keyboard.
We also offer different colors, for example White and Chrome so that you can match your heating element with your electric towel radiator.If you opt for a higher wattage value heating element, it does not mean that the radiator will produce more heat, but it will heat only faster.

The electric heating element must be inserted from one of the inlet point at the vertical pipe of the radiator. It is also important here that you pay attention to these 2 values: + isolation and protection. Please get in touch with your professional electrican/installer who will carry out the installation, to find out how close to install the radiator at a wet area (bath, shower, sink)
Before you turn on the heating element, the radiator must be filled with normal water, otherwise it will lead to overheating and burn. You should also regularly check the trapped air by using the air valve on the top of the radiator.
The electrical heating element has a cable, which can be found on the back of the unit. The electric heater has a thread, which is suitable for all out bathroom towel radiators.

Important Information about out electric bathroom towel radiators:

-The installation of the electric heating element must be always done by a certified/qualified electrician!
-Towel radiator store accepts no responsibility or liability for any problems or damage
-The electric heating element is to be connected / installed at the bottom of the towel radiator.
-Please do not turn on the electric heating element before filling up towel radiator with water!
-From time to time you will need to refill the radiator with water.
-All our electric heating elements are manufactured in Europe and they have a warranty of one year.


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