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Installation guide:
This type of heating system must be installed by a qualified and certified electrician! No water pipes are required for the heating element to be installed to the towel radiator. It is highly recommended that you contact your electrician for more information before purchasing a heating element in order to receive advice on where you can install this type of electric appliance use within your house. The electric heating element must be inserted into the towel radiator vertically through one of the entry points at the bottom (right or left).The second entry point on the bottom is then sealed off with a blanking plug. You will then need to fill up the radiator with water or water/glycol (90/10) in order to stop the water from freezing (if necessary) using the third inlet/entry point on the top of the radiator.Please leave a 2-3cm gap from the top of the towel radiator when filling it up in order to give some room for the expanding hot water. Fasten the blanking plug and air valve to the other top inlet point. Your heating element can then be connected to your power supply.