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BTU Calculator

1. Enter your Bathroom Dimensions (in feet)
Width (ft):
Length (ft):
Height (ft):
2. Select Other Factors
   Does the room face North? Tick if Yes
   Does it have French windows? Tick if Yes
   Does it have Double Glazing? Tick if Yes
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1 Watt = 3.413 BTU

What is BTU?

The British thermal unit (BTU) is a traditional unit of energy equal to about 1055 joules. It is the amount of energy needed to cool or heat one pound of water by one degreeFahrenheit a standard unit of energy.

What is BTU Calculator used for?

If your main requirement of your bathroom towel radiator is to heat a room, then you will need to calculate the BTU heat output requirement for the room size. Once theBTU value is known, please select the bathroom towel radiator with a BTU value as near as possible to your BTU calculation result. Within all our bathroom towel radiator product descriptions the potential BTU / Watt value of that towel radiator is shown.

How do I calculate my BTU requirement?

To use our onlineBTU/Watt calculator you need to have the room dimensions in foot; room width, length & height. There are other variables such as windows, room orientation and room insulation which affect the BTU value and these need to be considered when calculating the BTU value.

As a general rule, in order to heat 10.8 square foot (1 square meter room) to standard room temperature of 23 °C, the requirement is 100 watt which is equivalent to 341 BTU. For example, a 54 square foot (5 square meters) standard room without any other heating source would require a bathroom towel radiator with a BTU value of 1706 = 500 Watt.

Disclaimer: Our BTU / Watt calculator tool must be used as a guide only. We strongly recommend you to seek a professional advice for your precise heat output requirement. The potential heat output of our towel radiators listed within the product descriptions are based on 75°C central heating water temperature.