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You have finally decided that you are going to renovate your bathroom and change all the fittings and furnishings? Have you considered to replace your existing bathroom radiator with a Towel Radiator? Perhaps a Chrome Towel Radiator would fit nicely into the picture? Due to its shiny surface, this Towel Radiator type can make a nice impression in your bathroom. If you decide to go for tiles in a colour other than white, a Chrome Towel Radiator ma
If you believe that a white towel radiator will suit your bathroom best it is definitely worth having a look at our extensive range. White Towel Radiators are part of our standard range and are available in both flat and curved variations. They are made from simple steel and then sprayed with pure white paint. With their horizontal pipes arching into the room, the curved models have a fantastically elegant design.
The days when bathrooms were seen only as appropriate, are long gone. Today, you want the right atmosphere and you want a comfortable temperature in it. No matter if it is early in the evening while brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Once you have had the pleasure of a warm towel no one wants to miss it ever again. For all this there is a perfect solution: bathroom radiator in white. Independent of the style of your bathroom, a white towel r
You just cannot go wrong with white. It always looks bright, welcoming and fresh. With the added advantage that it does not date or go out of fashion like so many colours, white really is a classic colour and the choice of many. For those of us contemplating redecorating or refurbishing our home then it's great to know that white can also be the chosen finish for many metalitems such as radiators and heated towel rails. If you prefer to steer awa
You have made the decision to finally renovate and refurbish your bathroom. New sink, new toilet, shower, bath tub and tiles… you have it all sorted out. Yet most people do not consider that their old radiator does not look that great any more either and that it could also be replaced. Have you ever thought about a chrome towel radiator?
Contemporary towel radiators or simply known as towel radiators are one of the popular and commonly used household item used in bathroom. They are solely used to make the towel feel warm and heated. This comes to great help when it comes to wiping the water from the body during chilly winter mornings. Acting as a vented radiator installed along with heating system of house or installed as a separate init, it comes in various interior designs, fea
A radiator should be found in every bathroom. But what should the bathroom radiator offer? First and foremost, of course, it should produce the right temperature for the bathroom. If it can warm your towels at the same time, this is an advantage you do not want to miss. But it also should visually fit into your bathroom. Since bathrooms are sometimes larger, sometimes smaller, it would be advantageous if the radiator may be individually adjusted.
The most reasonable answer to a cold bathroom is adding a towel radiator. However many people believe or think that this requires major refurbishment yet reality shows otherwise as installation of a towel radiators is not only a quick but also affordable matter.
Towel radiators are popular and a must for every bathroom. Hence towel radiators are available in various shapes in order to match various likings or tastes. It is suggested to form an idea about what towel radiator is most suitable for your bath room constellation.
During the winter season it happens that we do not like to touch anything which is chilled or at lower temperature. Warm things provide us great relaxation and make us feel better. We can heat up the room and water, but how can we keep the clothes and towels warm? Well, as far the solution for keeping the towels warm is concerned, there is something to definitely help you out. Towel radiators have come up as great electrical equipment, which prov
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