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White Towel Radiator- an elegant eye-catcher

The days when bathrooms were seen only as appropriate, are long gone. Today, you want the right atmosphere and you want a comfortable temperature in it. No matter if it is early in the evening while brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Once you have had the pleasure of a warm towel no one wants to miss it ever again. For all this there is a perfect solution: bathroom radiator in white. Independent of the style of your bathroom, a white towel radiator fits in always. Since you will be using the bathroom radiator White you will have a reliable companion. Choose between a straight or curved version, get creative and style your bathroom exactly as you wish. At the end, you must like it!

Heated towel radiator in white – individual handling

Your new white towel radiator by the way does it all! You can connect him to your central heating system and in doing so you save money, since it will be submitted to the settings of the system. But you can also operate it electrically by installing a heating element and then connect it to the power outlet. So you can use the bathroom radiator in white whenever you want it nice and warm. Remember that it requires a certain amount of lead time. Alternatively there is a third option available, which probably suits for many: the mixing operation. In the cold season everything is automatically controlled by the central heating, if it is actually summer and you still need the towel heater you can turn it on at any time.

If you want to use your radiator white electric, you will need the aforementioned heating element. With the Standard variant, the water is warmed up in the pipes to a predetermined temperature, after which the heating element is switched off. Only when the temperature is too low, it will rise up again. Practical is the thermostatic heater, which allows you to directly enter the desired temperature and regulate it yourself.

The capacity of your bathroom radiator

Once you have decided to have a white towel radiator, it is also important to know the heating capacity and the size you will need, in order to choose the right radiator for you. Only after you know the heating capacity, you can choose the right electric heating element to effectively heat. The wattage range is quite large it starts with 269 and goes up to 1039 watts.

High quality standards

Like you, we have in terms of quality of bathroom radiators certain standards. If you choose a towel radiator in white, you will always get high quality but inexpensive heaters, which were made of steel and then been coated with white paint. The color is resistant to great heat. Select your white towel radiator individually according to the size of the bathroom and the space you have. We have many different size models that start at 30 inches and width can have a length of up to 180 centimeters.

Have you decided? We look forward to your order which will be delivered to you for free. Even the further orders are free of shipping costs.